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With a history that dates back to as early as 2,000 BC, Ephesus is one of the oldest cities in the world. But even today travelers can stroll along the streets where Saint John, the Virgin May and Antony and Cleopatra once walked. Explore the restored columns of the Fountain of Trajan, the grandeur of Celsus Library and the aisles of the great Theater where Saint Paul once spoke and you will truly be walking in the footprints of history.



Founded around 600 BC, the city of Istanbul has seen long periods of Muslim control and similar periods of Christian rule. After years of Roman rule, the city truly flourished in the 4th century under Emperor Constantine who renamed the city Constantinople as his capital. With a large population and exquisite architecture, the city’s beauty and reputation is said to have equaled or surpassed that of Rome. But in 1453 Mehmet II conquered the city and made it the capital of his Ottoman empire with a new name – Istanbul.

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