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Which destination walks are available?

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What device do I need to play my walks?
Any device that can support MP3's will work with our walks. Simply download it to the device & enjoy!

How does it work? 
After your online purchase, the MP3 audio / image files and the customized map will be sent to you by email. Just download the files onto your own MP3 device before you travel and you’re ready to go. And if you need assistance, Worldwide Discovery Walks has someone waiting to help by email or telephone.

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Who do I contact if I have issues with my walk? (downloading / overall questions)
Cary Clark

Does it matter where I choose to start the walk? 
You choose!  All walks are planned in a circle so no matter where you start, you will end up at your beginning destination.  You can skip spots or add side trips before coming back to the loop – all up to you.


Do you have any safety tips a walker should consider? 
There are several things to keep in mind regarding a walk in any city in any country. You should always be aware of your surroundings and protective of your valuables. Pickpockets can appear anywhere so make sure all of your valuables are as hidden from view and as tightly protected as possible. And in any city, automobile traffic can be dangerous so always look both ways before crossing a street and always cross at marked crosswalks. Also, be aware that old cities often have uneven walking surfaces or surfaces that may need repair, so watch where you are walking. Our walks are intended to be taken during daylight hours and are routed through safe areas so, with these sensible precautions, they are safe for you to discover.


How far is the average walk?  (in miles and/or kilometers) 
Most of our walks cover a walking distance of from one to two miles. You are free to choose your own route there are always opportunities to cut a walk short if you have less time or get tired. Also, many of our walks contain additional spots that you may choose to visit and, if so, your own walking route could take you farther.


How long is a complete walk?  
The time required for each complete walk varies from city to city but generally requires from 2 to 3 hours. Of course, most of our cities have much to offer in terms of museums, cathedrals, parks, and shopping so if you choose to spend significant time in any of these locations the walk could take much longer. But remember, the choice is yours: walk through the city as fast as you’d like or take as much time as you want at a more leisurely pace.

Do you support international currencies?
We do in the following manner: Our cart will exchange your currency to dollars, using the most recent exchange rate, and process the transaction. This provides you the ability to order our products in many different currencies.

Do you offer Cruise Line Discounts?
Yes, please click here to learn more

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