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Worldwide Discovery Walks puts getting to know the great cities of the world, in the palm of your hand. From ground level you will be able to see, feel, hear and even smell the wonders of your location – and do it all with complete freedom, flexibility and at your own pace. 

Discover for yourself – hear the quality of our audio tapes (note the music in the background is from this region too) 

The world is full of enchanting and historical cities and we want to share our passion for these destinations with you – to explore history, architecture, highlights and a few side notes to give you insight and background you might not know otherwise. 

With other guided tours you might feel rushed, have trouble hearing or miss some of the highlights of a city because of time limits. 

With Worldwide Discovery Walks you are in control and you should feel free to take side trips, shop, eat or just find a comfortable bench to soak in the atmosphere. 

Start anywhere along the tour that is convenient for you. All our tours are circular and you can pick up or leave off the circle anytime you’d like. You can stay in one place that peaks your interest, or move past locations that don’t interest you. 

So whether you are traveling with family, friends or are an independent traveler – the freedom is yours and so is the experience. From all of us at Worldwide Discovery Walks we look forward to hearing about your experiences and hope you share your photos, comments and helpful tips too!

Why Choose Worldwide Discovery Walks

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