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About Us

The Worldwide Discovery Walks’ team is a group of history buffs, photographers, audio and web engineers, artists and travel writers who are passionate about travel. We came together because we all love walking around to explore the history, architecture and culture of historic cities. But we were all tired of hauling travel books around with us to learn about the sights as we experienced them.  
Collectively, we decided that the solution was to have a self-guided, audio walking tour with an accompanying map to help guide our way.


We have now dedicated ourselves to designing and creating high quality walks with an attention to detail and planning that we cannot find elsewhere. For each city, we spend substantial time researching and developing a walking route that is reasonable in time and distance yet encompasses a wealth of sights, sounds and emotions centered on each particular city’s history, culture and architecture. We make multiple trips to each location to guarantee the accuracy and walkability of every program. Next, we strategically condense the depth of the information we’ve accumulated into individual spots that portray the essence and history of each location within a relatively short listening time.  


Finally, we go to a commercial recording studio with our professional voice-over talent who has been with us since the beginning, more than ten years ago. There carefully blended appropriate music from the region as background for the full-stereophonic recording of the final product. Now, with the random-access feature of our recordings and the detailed walking directions of our customized map, you 
have the ability to learn the essence of a beautiful city while walking at your own pace. Walk along at your leisure and take a break for relaxation if you’d like. Sample the city’s cuisine or shopping venues whenever you’d like. See what you want, when you want and for as long as you want. The choices are Although our team has been producing walks for more than ten years now, we still look forward to the next new journeys that will take us all to a fresh destination. We’re constantly looking for the ideal location to help you create another experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. If you have a favorite historic city that you’d like to see added to our growing list of destinations please let us know.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you.


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