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Whether it's shopping along one of the city's liveliest pedestrian ways, the rich beauty and history of the Agoras and the Acropolis, or the somber tranquility of the small Byzantine Kapnikarea Church, your Discovery Walks stroll through the heart and soul of ancient Athens will be the highlight of your visit to this wonderfully historic city.



The historic struggles for the security of the beautiful island of Corfu are evident today in the imposing strength of the city's two ancient defensive fortresses. But nowhere is the island’s timeless appeal more visible than in the beauty and reverence of the Church of St. Spyridon.



Mykonos has a well-earned reputation as an energetic destination.  But the liveliness of the cafes and shops along the port and in the area known as Little Venice are not the only opportunities for pleasure here. The unique church known as Panagia Paraportiani,  the ever present windmills and the waterfront walk, home of the city's most famous resident Petros the Pelican, all help make this energetic Greek port a traveler’s delight.



Many tourists visiting Rhodes seem content to enjoy shopping for souvenirs along the ancient town’s bustling Socrates Street. But savvy travelers also relish in the city’s incomparable history that includes Street of the Knights, one of the world's best preserved medieval thoroughfares, as well as the site where the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, once stood. 

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