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Portofino’s Most Beautiful Walk

Portofino is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular small ports on the Mediterranean. From the million dollar yachts that often crown into the narrow inlet to the endless horizon that awaits you at the lighthouse, the glories of this quaint but sometimes crowded port are everywhere.

Although the path continues along the coast, this is normally the spot where I spend a little time to soak in the beauty of the wonderful cove before heading back into the town of Portofino.

But for me, the stroll out of the town along the coast running to the east is the most spectacular and relaxing walk to be found. You can begin the walk by going through the pedestrian tunnel under the highway near the interesting Church of San Martino (marked as spot #216 of our Discovery Walk in Portofino). When you exit on the other side of the highwy you’ll find a path that leads back toward the sea.

Follow this path and you’ll have a picture-perfect view of the town, the harbor and the Church of Saint John sitting on the hill across the harbor. The path will then bend slowly to your left, passing private homes and offering wonderful views across the blue Mediterranean.

After a walk of less than 400 yards you’ll find yourself gazing down at one of the most gorgeous coves you could ever hope to see, with the famous turquoise water of the Mediterranean. And looking up the hill behind the cove you’ll see the historic Hotel Splendido, the playground of the rich and famous, including many Hollywood celebrities, for more than 100 years.

Although the path continues along the coast this is normally the spot where I spend some time enjoying the beauty of the cove before taking the stroll back into the town of Portofino.

Happy travels!

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