• Laura Bennett

Wander the Moats of Rhodes

The defensive walls surrounding the ancient town of Rhodes are some of the best preserved in Greece. And the streets along the walls can be some of the most crowded in the travel crazy days of summer. But you may be able to get away from the crowds and spend some quiet time wandering through the wide dry moat area between the towering walls of the city and their protective outer defensive ramparts.

Just outside St. Anthony’s Gate in the first city wall (marked as spot #228 of ourDiscovery Walk in Dubrovnik) you’ll find a narrow gate leading down into the dry moat area below the high exterior city wall. Carefully go down the sometimes steep walkway there and you’ll soon find yourself in the flat moat area that runs literally hundreds of yards in both directions. As you stroll past ancient cannonballs try to imagine yourself back in the days when attacking armies tried to storm the high walls and you may get a sense of the foreboding presence that these walls must have been to those enemy forces.

Happy travels!

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