• Laura Bennett

Meeting Place for the Independent Traveler

The historical gems of the world are just waiting to be discovered. And for the independent traveler, nothing can be more disheartening that to have the experience of an exciting new spot in the world diminished by the crush of the tourist crowds that have become all too familiar.

At Discovery Walks ( we believe that these once in a lifetime experiences should be shared by only a few close friends or companions whenever possible. And by placing all of the important facts and interesting sidelights of the most important sites in a city at your fingertips we hope to free you from the crowds and set you on your own adventure.

With Discovery Walks loaded onto your own iPod or other MP3 player and with the accompanying customized map of the area you are free to explore each city when you want, for as long as you want and at your own pace. And here at we hope you’ll share your adventures and your thoughts with other independent travelers about the places you visit .

So grab your iPod, download a Discovery Walk and set out to live and experience your travel dreams. And when you have the time and the inclination share some thoughts and some pictures with those of us that hope to be lucky enough to follow in your footsteps someday soon.

To download any of our 17 self-guided Discovery Walks for your own iPod or other MP3 player go to

​Happy Travels!


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