• Laura Bennett

A Hidden Treasure in Corfu

Some of the most vivid memories of a trip are those spots so out of the way as to be private but so intimate to the cultural and history of the area as to be unforgettable. We fond one such spot on our trip to Corfu.

The Saint Nicholas Baths complex and the small Church of St. Nicholas sit on a finger of land below the city’s 16th century defensive walls (near a spot marked as #234 of our Discovery Walk in Corfu). Facing toward the walls from the parking area of the church walk to your right along the base of the defensive wall of the town as it bends sharply along the water. In just over 100 yards you’ll soon see some old wooden piers on your right and a single iron railing against the wall on your left. Behind this railing is a small door built into the wall.

Go through this door and you’ll find yourself in a tiny but very reverent chapel. It is said that local fishermen once found a statue of a saint lying on the beach here and they built the chapel as an offering to her. At the back of this tiny chapel is an interesting old engraving. This is a solemn religious spot for the locals and there are no signs in English so please be quiet and respectful if you choose to look inside.

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