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  • Springtime Means Flowers Blooming in Europe
    Springtime Means Flowers Blooming in Europe
    Our self-guided walking tours will lead you through cities that are remarkable for their history, culture and architecture. But many of these cities also offer some incredible visions of natural beauty as well. And after a long hard winter, springtime is a welcome relief for everyone and a perfect opportunity to explore some of these wonderful displays of nature’s splendor.  Amsterdam is one of our favorite historical cities for self-guided walking tours. This  wonderful city is also th...
  • Portofino – A Favorite Port Of This Travel Writer
    Portofino – A Favorite Port Of This Travel Writer
    I’m fortunate to be able spend much of my time exploring some of Europe’s most historic cities while writing our self-guided walking tours for independent travelers. So I’m often asked about my favorite experiences while travelling. And one of the most frequent questions: What is your favorite port? For sheer beauty and a romantic setting, I don’t think any port can beat the magic of Portofino with its captivating harbor tucked away in a small cove along the Italian Riviera. This wa...
  • Loving London
    Loving London
    February 13, 2014 Soon Worldwide Discovery Walks will be offering a brand new walk in London. While we were there, sourcing the best places to walk, experience and love London, we found these three romantic locations and are happy to share them with you! Try the Eye The London Eye may seem like an unlikely place to go for a romantic experience. In the evening, the views of the city's lights and the boats along the Thames are spectacular. For a truly unforgettable and ro...
  • 10 Photo Taking Tips from Worldwide Discovery Walks
    10 Photo Taking Tips from Worldwide Discovery Walks
    Everywhere we go these days people have their cell phones held high and are taking photos that end up on Facebook, blogs, email or just about anywhere.  As travelers we know that the photos we are taking must not only tell a story, but we want to capture every bit of our travels and do it well! No matter what kind of “camera” you are using to add to your visual memories - over the years I have learned some great tips from some exceptional travel photographers and I share them here wit...
  • Pisa’s Overlooked Treasure
    Pisa’s Overlooked Treasure
    It’s hard to fault anyone, especially a first time visitor, for becoming hypnotised by the imposing beauty of the major structures found in the historic Piazza dei Miracoli, or Field of Miracles. From the world famous Leaning Tower to the imposing Cathedral and the majestic Baptistery this is truly a landscape of unforgettable architecture.   But almost hidden among these beauties is the simplicity of the soaring wall that surrounds one of the most hallowed burial grounds in all of I...